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Need technical support with your 3Design?
Contact 3Desc for official support.
Online - 3Desc office - On site

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How can I get support?

  • 3Design Forum: on this platform you can communicate with other 3Design users worldwide. Get tips and tricks from each other

  • 3Design Training Lounge: This is exclusive to customers with a 3Desc Service Pack or 3Design Maintenance Contract
    In the lounge you will find step-by-step tutorial videos to get you started and support you through the different stages of learning the software

  • 3Desc support: contact us with the problem you encounter and we will work together on a solution

    • There are times when we need to set up a remote online session
      We use Teamviewer for this. Download the latest version in advance TeamViewer (free)

What does an intervention for Technical Support cost?

  • When you purchase the software, there is always free Technical Support for the installation and commissioning of your software

  • Subscribe to the annual support contracts 3Desc Service Pack or the 3Design Maintenance Contract. These contracts always include technical support

  • Non-contract technical support is offered in 1/2 hour sessions
    (price € 80 per half hour)

What information do I need for Technical Support?

  • Your maintenance contract 3Desc Service Pack or 3Design Maintenance Contract

  • The version of the 3Design software you are using (e.g. 3Design Pro V11)

  • Your computer's operating system (e.g. Windows 11 pro, or Mac OS Ventura)

  • A clear description of the problem that occurs, preferably clarified with the problem example


Note: Technical support is available to assist trained users with technical questions or problems, but cannot be used for training purposes and is not a substitute for instruction or training.

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