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General conditions

3Desc Service Pack

3Design Maintenance Contract

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The 3Desc Service Pack and 3Design Maintenance Contract give you a comprehensive range of tools and support for your work.

With these support contracts, you enjoy a full year of benefits, privileges and services aimed at your production, your working comfort and the further development of your 3Design skills.

Support and access to various training forums and lounges are available with both versions, the 3Design Maintenance Contract also features a free version update and insurance in case of loss/theft or damage of your usb dongle.

Pricing :

3Desc Service Pack € 650/year

3Design Maintenance Contract (with updates & insurance) € 1300/year



You will be informed of all software developments.

  • free interim updates (within the same version)

  • free version updates*.
    **only with 3Design Maintenance Contract



Discounts are given for

  • discount for version updates*

  • discount on purchase of additional modules

  • discount on training courses 
    * only with 3Desc Service Pack (updates with 3Design Maintenance Contract are free of charge)

Technical Support

For all your questions when using the 3Design software, we work with you to find a solution.

  • a quick intervention

  • online, in the office or via help videos

  • questions can be asked by phone or email


Sign up for one of the trainings offered. These trainings can be individual, group or online.

  • offer via the website

  • with price advantage

  • possibility of training on demand (date and content)

Additional license

Enjoy a free additional license*.

  • during the busy period

            * One borrowed license per company, limited to one month per year. 

 Same version and options as the existing one.

 Excludes shipping costs.

Online theme meetings. 

Discover the 'Tips & Tricks' to optimize your work. Participate in the 3Design - online seminars and Webinars.

  • Are organized on a regular basis by 3Desc and by 3Design HQ Lyon 

Access to online 3Desc forum, the 3Desc members lounge & 3Design Training Lounge

  • 3Desc forum via protected Facebook group

  • 3Desc members lounge with your personal access account

  • Access to online trainings and video material

Insurance in case of loss, theft or damage of your usb dongle (software key)

  • dongle will be replaced for free (1 time/year) in case of loss, theft or damage*.

       *Only with 3Design Maintenance Contract








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