3Desc Service Pack

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The 3Desc Service Pack gives you an extensive range of tools and support with your work.

With a 3Desc Service Pack you enjoy a full year of benefits, privileges and services, focused on your production, your working comfort and the further development of your 3Design skills.

The price of the 3Desc Service Pack from € 650 / year. (excl. 21% VAT.)

3Desc Service Pack - General conditions

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You will be informed of all software developments.

  • free interim updates (within the same version)

  • free version updates* / discount for updates to new versions* (*depending on contract type)

  • price advantage when purchasing additional modules

Technical Support

We will help you find a solution for all your questions regarding the use of the 3Design software.

  • a quick intervention

  • online, at the office or via help videos

  • questions can be asked by telephone or e-mail


Register for one of the courses that are offered. These trainings can be individual, in group or online.

  • offer via the website

  • with price advantage

  • possibility for training on request (date and content)

Additional license

Enjoy a free extra license **.

  • during the busy period

** One borrowed license per company, limited to one month per year.

Same version and options as the existing one.

Excluding shipping costs.

Online thema meetings. 

Discover the 'Tips & Tricks' to optimize your work. Participate in the 3Design - online seminars and Webinars.

  • are arranged on a regular basis by 3Design HQ Lyon

Access to the online 3Desc forum and the 3Desc members lounge.

  • 3Desc forum via protected Facebook group

    3Desc members lounge with your personal access account

    access to online course and video material