Luc Van den Broeck

My professional career.

From 1982 in training as a goldsmith at the then VTS Technicum, the vocational school for jewellery art, in Londenstraat, Antwerp.


Graduated in 1987 after the specialization year Jewelery creation.

Attended additional evening school goldsmiths at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


Worked in the studio of the firm G. Steenbrugge in Ghent, as an artisan goldsmith, jewelery designer and jeweler repairer.


Worked as a jewelery designer for the presentation and collection of the Flanders Briliant.


From 1992 also connected to the VTS Technicum as a teacher in the Jewelery Art department. The school then changed its name and became the current Technicum Noord-Antwerpen.


From 2007 specialized training 'Instructor 3Design-Cad' followed at the company
Vision Numeric, Lyon, now merged with Gravotech group under the name type 3. 

Certified since 2014 as an official A-level Instructor for 3Design-Cad.


Started in November 2015 with the company 3Design education & support center - 3Desc.

Founder, Trainer & Technical support

Official instructor for 3Design

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